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Fracm S.p.A. has the benefit of a highly professional technical team, capable of designing the models it builds and analysing the drawings provided by its customers, studying and applying the best solutions in terms of line, practical issues, and the final product cost.

Production of Prototypes and Feasibility studies


Our team of engineers makes full use of its extensive experience, working with the latest generation of CAD and CAM software systems. Our engineers work alongside our customers to identify the ideal solution for diverse fields and applications.

Metal finishing processes


Our metal finishing teams are capable of executing any of the possible finishes on stainless steel: tig and plasma welding , satin finishes, insertionriveting. We also have pem machines for the insertion of pins under pressure.



Our customers have taken full advantage of our high quality painting service for many years, enjoying the guarantee of the best standards of quality in terms of colour. As we have complete control of the entire sheet metal painting process in house, we are able to manage the processes involved to get optimum results, less waste and so optimum service.



We can supply products to our customers in various formats: totally disassembled, pre-assembled in order to adapt to the customer’s own production processes, or as a kit complete with instructions for assembly. These options provide the ideal response to any market demand.

Logistics and Transport


Our logistics platform means we can keep the products made for our customers in stock and then ship them when needed based on kan-ban and just in time methods. We are able to meet the demand for normal or urgent shipments as we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles.