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Fracm S.p.A.


Fracm S.p.A. was founded in 1976 as a specialised light engineering business for the working of sheet metal, steel and similar products. The ongoing pursuit of new technological solutions and the experience gained over the years have put Fracm in the ideal position to become a leader in its field.

The firm has a cutting-edge production system so that it can offer its customers a turnkey service that is both fast and efficient, with maximum flexibility in terms of delivery times matched by competitive prices.

Fracm has the advantage of materials always in stock so it can guarantee prompt delivery using KANBAN type logic.

The company’s principal objective is to ensure that its customers continue to enjoy competitive terms and quality products, making full use of the latest developments in technology and catering for the changing demands of the market.

E Metall joined forces with Fracm in 2005. This metal working business is based in the Slovak Republic and focuses on the electronic sector, working with customers in Germany and Eastern Europe. The company has a laser, 2 punching machines, and bending presses.




R&D Investiments

Every year, we invest 27% of our turnover in research and development to give our customers the guarantee of continued improvements in quality and innovation.

27 %

Site Dimensions (m2)

15000 m2

10.000 m2 production floor
2.500 m2 logistics platform
2.500 m2 at E Metall